I'm glad you're here! It's the starting point for access to my content. This site is a long overdue update from the prior site hand-coded using NotePad on Windows XP.

What's Hot: Live WebCasts are on Thursday nights starting at 9 PM US/Eastern.
Tune in at: youtube.com/adiblasi


I've been publishing on YouTube since 2006. It's me. It's real. No fake persona. No bullshit. Live WebCasts. Horrible unboxing & review videos. Shaky camera footage. Poor lighting.
Sophomoric face-palming humor.
Note: Live WebCasts (streams) are hosted on Thursday evenings starting at 9 PM US/Eastern on YouTube.


In Brief: Born in 1961; Microcomputer Sales Consultant and Programmer from 1978-1989; Advertising & Marketing Executive for 35 Years; Company Co-Founder for 21 Years; YouTube Content Creator & Vlogger; Entrepreneur; Investor; Technologist; Motivator; Mentor; Retired In 2019; Enjoying Life & Beachside Living.Interests: Sci-Fi & Horror Movies, Synthesizers, Photography, Videography, Gaming, Road Trips, Fitness, Racquetball {I'm Terrible}, Automobiles, Gary Numan {Favorite Musician}.


I sometimes refer to it as antisocial media, but all in good fun. In addition to the touchpoints below, make sure you join the gang and me on Discord!